Same Storm, Different Vessels

Here are my 0537 am thoughts.

Wisdom is the ability to distinguish the things that must remain unchanged in our lives, from those changes that we must accept and embrace.

Please be empathetic of how this storm of pandemic, and political upheaval, social injustice effects other people.  

I recently heard someone say that we’re all in the same boat as we go through the storm. I tend to disagree. 

We are not all in the same boat.  Some people are going through this storm in a ship that’s large as an ocean luxury liner or a yacht .  

There troubles are that the kitchen ran out of Fritos and now they have to snack on Doritos for the remainder of the storm. Or now because of the constant wind and rain have to hunker down inside and find new ways of entertainment instead of playing shuffle board on the deck.  

Another family is in medium size fishing vessel.  Their problems are that both fishermen, mom and dad who had been providing for the family of three small children are both critically sick, and need urgent medical treatment. They are miles from any land or civilization, soon will be incapacitated and not be able to sustain the boat.

Somebody else is in the exact same storm in a kayak.  They are rowing and struggling minute by minute to keep from capsizing. They are constantly exposed to the relentless elements of the storm. No dry clothes for weeks of rowing in the rain. 

They would be grateful for a day that did not include rowing against the monstrous waves. But if they don’t row, death is swift and certain.

They don’t have Frito or Dorito problems, they have “How will I feed my family TODAY, problems. There family ate their last meal 36 hours ago.  The last paycheck came home six months ago, and all of their savings and the last unemployment checks was cashed two weeks ago. 

They are in the same storm as the billionaire on his yatch, and the fishermen in his fishing vessel, but they are in a different boat.

Just a thought to ponder when you see your neighbor, friend, coworkers or even a stranger.  Same storm, different vessels. Big difference!