Special message from me to you.

To friends, fans and acquaintances: Merry Christmas.  A big thank you to all who read a blog, purchased a book or attended a book signing.  I am deeply honored.

And a special shout out to my cycling friends who have encouraged me to go deeper into the cycling obsession.  But to be honest, maybe I am not as obsessed as those who still put on three layers and ride in 30 degree weather!  Have you seen a bundled up Gargoyle on a bike?

Besides I have to justify my $10 per month Planet Fitness membership by showing up during the cold weather season, although I would rather be setting PR’s (personal record) on a stretch of black top that is 90 degrees or above.  But because I love dancing on the elliptical or indoor bike, I show up more frequently.  I tolerate the image of a middle age guy gerbil racing on the treadmill next to a good looking 30 something lady that I cannot keep up with, just to find out that she is 50 something!  Ughh.  Therapy is needed for my bruised ego.  LOL

Well, enough of me, I hope you all spend some quality time with friends and family, and if God is willing we shall meet again in 2018!

Love Always,







Yes, at this very moment of 0424 in the morning, I wanted to let you know that I have all of you, my friends on my mind.  I don’t always convey that you cross my mind daily because in truth, you do not.  As the busy things of life consume most of daily and survival demands that we focus on job one.

However, I love those times we I can slow down and reflect on the things and people that matter.  Now I will not name you all, but trust me YOU are someone that matters, especially if you are taking the time to read this.

You know those short messages and greetings from people on facebook that say just enough to let you know how much they care?  I wish I could express all of the feelings in my heart contained in just a small paragraph!  My heart is a deep ocean of thoughts when it comes to you.  But I will spare you the necessity to taking a whole DAY away from shopping to read the novel of things I could say about you and what it means to be blessed with a few meaningful friends.

So I will convey the following:  (Why does this sound like a condemned man with final words?)  Anyway, because I have not reached out on a personal level like I want to, I will be making a special effort to call you if I have your number, and I would also encourage you to do the same for your friends as well.



One thought on “Special message from me to you.”

  1. Keep it all up! The writing, biking and most of all serving the Lord, the kids and your audience. Rome want built in a day, if you build it they will come, keep on keeping on and all of the other corny sayings.
    Glad I finally got around to visiting your page, it gave me a lift and a smile. Hope I can repay it.
    Be well my friend. God Bless.

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