About Me

DSCF2464-2Hi!  I’m Eugene Coghill and I’m glad you stopped by to visit.  Welcome to Kingdom Living, a place to imagine life as God intended it to be, and to be introduced to the renewed Kingdom that is in the making.

Here we will journey into the current world, and discuss the challenges, the highs and lows, and everything that influences our spiritual lives. Here very honest and open conversations will take place about the things that make us grow as well as the things that we are not comfortable with. We will also build on the hopes and promises of a renewed earthly Kingdom, that will renew our thinking that God’s original plan was best.

Equally as important, we shall explore the proven answers to have our lives transformed back to all that God intended us to be.

Here you will find my personal opinion expressed as well as a glimpse into my thoughts with topics from my personal journal.  Comments and responses are encouraged.  I can also be reached at [email protected]

Eugene Coghill is a Road Test Examiner for the State of Massachusetts. Some side interests are writing and blogging, and a newfound passion for road cycling. He is the author of two novels, Love Is A Fishnet and A Loving Deception. He is a member of the prestigious copywriting school, American Writers and Artists Inc. where he is pursuing a freelance copywriting career.

His various careers have included the United States Marine Corps, a corporate investigator, a professional tractor-trailer driver, and law enforcement.

Inspirational speaking to youths is a way of giving back and sharing his own personal life story of overcoming a troubled and challenging childhood. He will engage and captivate any audience with his awe-inspiring message.