All Lives Matter

In light of the recent incident at a Colorado abortion clinic, I wanted to take a few minutes to emphasize the importance of human life. I find it very ironic that the suspect actually took three lives to make a statement about saving unborn lives.

In our over complicated world and culture that we live in, somehow we have lost sight of the fact that human life is still the most valuable thing on the planet. Unfortunately a lot of conditioning has diluted human life way down the chain of valuables. I was a bit naive a long time ago, in thinking that surely no one would actually believe that money is more valuable than a human life. But I have since been proven wrong many times over.

There are those among us that truly see no value at all to the human life, and therefore it is very easy to deem it as expendable. It is easy to get numb to the loss of human life, especially when you see or hear about it happening daily. Sadly, occasionally I have thought of the senseless murders, accidents ect as routine and normal. But there is nothing normal about the loss of a valuable creation of God.

Let us not forget that we are each uniquely made and there will only be one of you and I. No duplicates, not even twins. As a priceless work of art, we have more value to God than anything else in the universe. Lately I have been making a conscience effort to see people, even those not in my immediate circle as the individuals that they are.

So I challenge you to think of people and regard them as the special person that they are and I believe the more you practice, the more you will treat people with the utmost respect. Mostly because regardless if they earn your respect or not, the God that made them has placed special value on them that is to be recognized by all.

When the next tragic headline informs you of the loss of life, pause for a moment and reflect on the person that can never be replaced. It was a once in an eternity creation and highly valued life, that had a special moment in time to be shared with us.

Eugene Coghill