Random Thoughts Of Me

When I am out on the road with the chance to do a lot of thinking on my life, love, God, ect. I come up with memorable thoughts that reflect the very core of who I am. I sometimes save them in my phone. This is some of them, from about ten years ago. I am sure I will add a lot more as time goes on.

Give me a woman who wants untamed love more than her Lexus, and I will give to her a blue collar man with untamed passion, uncontrollable laughter and a lifetime of love and devotion.

Amazing that we trust our possessions and money to be managed by flawed human beings. Yet we are reluctant to trust our lives to the only perfect being ever to exist.

A person or nation without moral restraint will inherit unintended consequences.

Put me in a black box in the middle of the desert, and I will find a way to be happy.
If should die today, I will have lived more than a man who is 90.

While most people are obtaining life insurance, I would rather obtain death insurance in the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Death is a guaranteed event, and it is wise to prepare for it more than anything else.

If eternity is too long to be wrong, would you consider God’s truth on being right?

Eternity is too long to be wrong.

What are you made of?

Death is not natural. We surrendered eternal life for sin and death. We made a very bad deal and unwise choice.

Bottom line, God wins, he’s right, we were wrong. (This refers to the end of the age.)

When you find a job that you truly love, you will never go to work another day in your life.

God’s wisdom is better than our education. He uses the foolish things to dumfound the wise.

I am just as excited about driving, as the day I first turned the key. (refers to my driving career)

I love all the things that money can’t buy. (I will share these with you perhaps later)
Sin is a global disease with a 100 percent fatality rate.

120 years from this moment, all 7.5 billion of us will be in eternity. Where will you be?

The unseen world is amazing, when you see it! However God says blessed are those who believe even though they have not seen.

Eugene Coghill