A Novel by Eugene Coghill–A Loving Deception

Book description:

This is a unique story with the intent of showcasing how even the worse among us and the worst of our sins can be redeemed by the grace and love of God.

How do you get confirmation of God’s love, grace, and mercy for the hypocrites among us? You exploit it through a story of massive deception, uncontrollable sins of passion, and careless disregard for forgiveness, and neatly disguise it as the things that are common in today,s marriages, even a thinly veiled Christian marriage.

Such is the case of Wanda and John, a hypocritical couple whose lives slowly became unraveled as they both embark on different but equally destructive paths of sin and deception.

Their marriage was the perfect cover for the out-of-control rollercoaster ride that would plunge them both separately into the depths of hell while professing to be on the road to Heaven.

A few bad decisions were the catalyst that set things in motion that neither could stop. By the time they both realized they were in over their heads, instead of trying to get out of hot water, they dove deeper with unforeseeable consequences.

A closet Christian couple, allows their inner demons to surface in their lives and get in the driver’s seat and take them down separate roads that will exploit their soul and leave them adrift in a sea of deception.

As they move closer to going over the brink of destruction, the unforeseen circumstances that they find themselves in serve as the orchestrated hand of God who has other plans.

If you are a sinner, thinking about sinning, making plans for sinning, or are good at covering up sins, then this book is for you.