A Conversation With God


Dear Lord this is Eugene the man you created and transferred my soul from eternity to time. You gave me a uniquely prepared custom made body.

Oh, I recognize you as God of all creation heaven and earth I humbly come to you in this hour at this moment for a one on one conversation. 

It is you and you alone that I owe my life and allegiance to. Let me thank you for sustaining me let me thank you for your mercy grace and love that you have bestowed toward me.

My disobedience and sinful ways you have covered in grace and forgiveness. 

Keep me mindful that I am one day closer to you calling me back into eternity.

And if this should be my last day, let me honor you with it by the way I treat others.

Let my life be an open book, not so others can see me; but rather so they can see you.

For I come to you and the world with all of my faults, flaws, sins, and frailties.

Because you have the power to turn a mess, into a message. To take my mistakes and turn them into ministry.

You can take the shame and turn it into happiness, you can take sadness and oppression and turn them into joy and delight.

You have made Kings and Warriors out of timid men. The proud and arrogant, you have humbled publicly.

Let me be mindful of your purpose and your will for my existence.

Reveal my heart to me, so that I may know the good the bad and see a new spirit in me.

Yes, I want your many blessings even though I do not know what I should ask for. You know exactly what is best for me so I trust and leave it to you.

Give me a heart of obedience, and then my joy will be complete.

Teach me to see others through the eyes of love and compassion as you do.

I declare my old disobedience and arrogant ways that have brought unpleasant things to my life, let them be swapped for your compassion for me for you are the God of second chances.

I invoke your wisdom instead of my own education and knowledge.

Strengthen my faith and trust in you in the areas of my life where I have doubts.

Help me to reveal clarity to those who misunderstand me.

Let me walk forward with faith and trust in you, especially in those moments when I clearly don’t understand the what or the why.

Make me remember that I can only see the moment that I am in, whereas you see my entire life from the moment of birth to the very end. 

I can only see one small piece of a very large puzzle. You have all the pieces and you alone are in charge of assembling them all together to reveal what you had purposed in your heart for my life all along, since before I was born.

Remind me to trust you more than I trust myself. Amen

It’s time to ride Jesus. Take the wheel, buckle up, let’s roll.