Excerpt from personal dairy July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

It is with great sadness that I must report that yet another tragedy has taken place in our country. Seven police officers were shot with three that were killed in the line of duty. It is without a doubt the shot across the bow in the opening salvo of a civil or racial war in our country. Police officers are being targeted and that is just awful. I do not know how this will all unfold, but it is quite obvious that all of our previous methods of securing the peace in our country has failed. I am amazed that people do not see that the events and the conditions of the end times is exactly as stated in the bible. But since man is conditioned with a blinded mind and hardened heart, they are not capable of understanding and clearly seeing the events for what they really are.

I do not like what has happened to our country and to be honest it is only going to get far worse. There is no stopping or even slowing down the events and conditions of the world that are coming. Most people do not have a clue of what is right around the corner and they will not accept anyone telling them something contrary to what they want to hear. Even while the blood runs in the streets, they will be in denial of anything out of the ordinary. Satan has done an amazing job of blinding the masses and deceiving us all. But I can assure you his days are numbered, just as our days here on this planet are numbered.

I am tired and weary but still we have to press on and see how God will unfold his word that has been spoken in heaven and settled in eternity. It is a real shame and pity that because of the hardened hearts that we have as a culture, that only extreme pain and suffering is in our future. Because of our sinful ways that we boast in the name of freedom, there is a price to pay and a day of reckoning.

Funny how our country seems to think that our issues facing us is as simple as gun control, or so called police brutality, or a host of other things that we put labels on, but the truth of the matter that it is a far more insidious infection that is taking over the world we live in. It is so subtle and so absolute that we are blinded the whole time we are dying from it.

To be honest it has a 100 percent fatality rate, and nobody escapes. It has been called by a host of different names to soften the blow and make it more appealing to the masses, and make it more marketable in the media. But make no mistake about it, the name can be changed but the consequences cannot be changed, nor can the endless and relentless methods it employs to deceive us all.