Gun control or something to control the heart? You decide.

Yet again we find ourselves in the grip of delivering the grim news of a mass shooting by a gunman in our country. And yet again the same mantra from all sides of the issue are on parade on the airways and in social media. Some are screaming loudly for more as if there is even more, gun control, and others are screaming loudly for more mental health reform, and equally as loud, the chants of “good guy stops bad guy with a gun”.

I find it interesting that we are so confident that we will stop other countries or prevent other countries from conducting terrorism or using a nuclear device, when we cannot prevent or even minimize one person from using a gun on our citizens.

Especially when we have hundreds of single shootings daily with handguns by criminals and gangs and drug dealers.

Then about three to six times a year we have mass shootings, and again our confidence soars about what we are doing to stop or prevent mayhem around the world.

In the meantime our next volley of homicides is currently underway in Chicago, LA, New York, Boston etc. And a few weeks from right NOW the cameras will show us yet another mass shooting with little interest in it’s prevention.

Gun laws or any law does not effect the human heart. Only people who WILLINGLY choose to obey their conscience will comply with any law. Just drive on any highway and you will see a demonstration of human will versus man made laws.

How we act when nobody but God is watching is a good indicator of our WILLFUL obedience to law.

So what does a good guy with a gun look like, or what does a bad guy with a gun look like? And what gun control law or current gun law enforcement will prevent someone with a FREE WILL from going rogue?

Take a look in the mirror, you and I are the only people who can CHOOSE obedience to a good conscience and heart.

We equally have the right and freedom of CHOICE to go rogue.

None of your best intended laws and gun measures can overcome that.

We stubbornly refuse to even mitigate the impact of gun violence on our society. We refuse to make the hard and unpopular decisions that will impact us all.

We are not committed enough to do what it would take to eradicate this problem. We need to admit that.

Foolishly, in my opinion we think that with the stroke of a pen on capital hill with either gun law reform or mental health innovation, will absolve us of our individual responsiblity to examine our hearts that houses the sin that drives such evil.