Personal Journal Entry/ Personal Opinions on life topics. 9/20/17

Recently I was telling someone that I often write a personal journal or diary and that I write to my dog as my exclusive audience.  They thought I was crazy for doing so.  I told them that I actually do because the dog is non judgemental and I do not fear his reactions or opinions.  So I promised them that my next journal entry that I would post it in my blog site so they could see that indeed I do converse with my dog in written form.  Some of my deepest thoughts literally goes to the dogs!  LOL

September 20,2017

While I know this is a personal journal entry, I think I will find myself speaking to a larger audience than my beautiful Yorkie named Albie. You see using him as an audience helps me speak to thousands, if not millions. OK, OK, I know I should not be so full of myself, but I have always been told to dream big. So, “my fellow Americans . . .” oh wait, I got off track again.

I am relaxing very comfortably in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms. The pajama bottoms are way out of the norm for me. But lets not go into the reasons why. Anyway, it is a cloudy and stormy day here in New England due in part to a guy named Jose. Jose just happens to be a tropical storm that is lurking out in the Atlantic ocean about 120 from Cape Cod, MA. More importantly Jose, is just one of three hurricane systems that has an impact on the Carribbean and the United States. Hurricane Irma and Harvey has left its mark on the United States, as well as an emotional impact on our citizens.

Oh, my, my little dog is looking at me very perplexed at what I am thinking or doing, just as I am about him. He is literally staring at me as if to say “I am reading your mind”. So forgive me if I start a lengthy conversation with my dog. We have not chatted for a long time, so here goes.

A lot of things are on my mind Albie, some of which you may not clearly understand but it is important that you are made aware. We live in some very troubling times and the society and cultural chaos that we see on a global scale seems to have caught the world by surprise, but I can assure you this is not a new thing. As a matter of fact it has been in play for a long time, with the building climax just ahead for all the world to see.

We are on a collision course with all the events that have been accurately described in the Word of God, mainly the Bible. But it is not just the Bible that cites these events, as what I find most fascinating that our various sciences and other academic disciplines have also begin to verify and even confirm the growing convergence of these things.

For me, you may wonder how I feel about all that is going to be happening and the increasing drama that will unfold. Well I am glad you asked. The first thing I want to say is that it was most important to me to get an overview of this crazy thing called life and the world that I live in. A long time ago I had heard the so called mysteries of life was the one thing that troubled people the most. And imagine that we spend 80 years here and for all of that time, some of us if not most are so in the dark about the overview of life. I for one did not want to know hearsay or educated opinions, so I thought what is the most credible source that would have a lot to say in explaining the various answers to the many questions of life.

I also wanted to have an open mind and know that all of my questions would not be answered and that I would have to concede that the creator of it all was infinitely smarter and wiser than I or any other person in the world and that his ability to do things would operate outside of my realm of human logic. So with that understanding I began to read the Bible. I decided to read it from cover to cover to get the entire big picture point of view on life.

Now keep in mind I was not religious and did not read it with the hope or notion of coming to a religious decision. I just wanted to know a basis for all that I was seeing around me with people and the world in general. And I thought also it would be great to see if the things that were going on around me would line up with clarity with the reasons cited in the Bible. And after all these years I can most certainly say a definitively yes.

What I don’t do and I still see it as pointless is to question the need for God or the concept of a supreme being, or where he came from or who created him. I suppose my critics would say that I blindly accept God as real, as is and that I am operating on a “don’t ask questions” policy. I cannot say they are wrong to be critical in that regard. Me however I reserve and honestly believe that those questions will be answered to my satisfaction when I meet HIM. And I am OK with that.

I am not sure if you can feel it, because you being a dog may not be in tune with the spiritual consciousness of life like we humans are. But there is no doubt in my mind that the world is feeling a growing since of anxiety as a large scale but not quite known event looms over the horizon. For me, I wanted to know if in fact that the best way to emotionally distance myself from the anxiety was to find out exactly what God has in store for this planet and the people on it. So it was with that understanding and quest that I decided to look deeper into the who, what, and why of life and death.

Now the hardcore atheist and critics will say that there is no God to even contemplate so that then all the rest of my quest and answers obtained are nonsense and meaningless. I personally disagree but must relent to their right to their opinion.

For me the history of the world has been the most fascinating teaching tool for what is taking place with people both now and what will happen in the future. The word history as I sometimes emphasis is indeed HIStory. Meaning that since the creator started the clock, and began the tapestry of life, anything that is written on the canvas of time truly is HIS story. For no body else has the ability to frame time, though I suppose in our human arrogance we like to think so.

I have often wondered not so much as to why we as humans got off to a bad start, but more importantly what those implications would mean to me and you and the rest of creation. The Bible seems to be the only thing that gives a clear answer that is accurate and has not been in error since. I mean one of my early questions was “why do people who were originally designed as a life giving spirits, have to succumb to a physical death of their bodies?”

I find it interesting that the medical field still seems to be a bit perplexed as to why the human body reaches a certain point and then the life sustaining cells stop that process so that the body will eventually die. Even more fascinating is that there have been countless people who have literally dropped dead in the prime of their life, with no health issues that would facilitate their death. They were literally walking alive with a beating heart and breathing air and the next moment they are laying on the ground with all life functions halted. And after a detailed autopsy no identifiable cause of death could be associated.

Equally as fascinating is that this death sequence is repeated daily on thousands of people all over the world from various backgrounds and circumstances. So I asked the obvious question, “why do people die?” For me I got an answer from the one who is solely in charge of life and death, mainly God, as communicated in his word. Now it is not important whether or not I like the answer that I found, but it is an answer nonetheless, and it is up to me to either accept it or reject it. Even if I reject it, there is no rational sense in denying that ALL humans die, and that all humans WILL die.  The current fatality rate is 100 percent, and it has been at that level ever since the first two humans walked the earth.  This rate has remained unchanged despite all of our best technological and medical advances.

And Albie, while I am at it let me say, that I am truly sorry that because of the curse of death that the entire earth is under, you, yes even you must also die. I am sorry and I know it does not seem fair, and I wish it were not so. Some would say it is not just and fair, and to some degree I am in that camp, but I must defer to the the creator with his plans, purpose and reasons.  It pisses me off that you have to pay the price for two idiots who decided to not take God at his word.  Or for the character who lied to Eve causing her to doubt what God had said.  I will cover that at another time.

The death sentence for us all came directly from God himself as cited here in fragmented passages: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Also again here he states: “The soul that sins shall die.” I find it fascinating that he did not say might die or could die. So then for me I needed to find out about this thing called sin that would cause me and every other human to die, along with the curse that was placed on the earth as a result of the planet being surrendered to sin.

I will go into my findings a bit later but this is all that I have time to write about for now, and I don’t want to bore you Albie as you seem like you would rather sleep than listen to me. OK, I get the point, you would rather do dog stuff, whatever that is! We shall chat more later this week.  Thanks for listening.