God Will Do What We Cannot

This is really just a simple prayer and reminder that even though we live in a world that is very chaotic and the fabric of society is unraveling right before our eyes, fear not, take hope for God will succeed where we have failed.

In the new kingdom that Jesus Christ will establish and govern, the very things we have tried to accomplish for the world will get done. All of our feeble attempts will seem foolish in light of the wisdom that he will bring to planet earth.

Our current attempts to feed the hungry, help the poor, abolish crime, and stop war will give way to the policies and governing of the master of the universe. The one who has used his wisdom to bring our planet into existence with perfect harmony and has all power at his disposal to carry out his plans for the new kingdom, which will include a new heaven and new earth.

With all of mankinds great achievements and inventions, I think we sometimes forget that we are indeed only human and have limited intellect, wisdom and power. The complexities of the problems that our planet and culture faces are beyond our capacity to solve in a meaningful and lasting way.

Is it unreasonable to seek help and advice from someone who has better answers than we do? Surely we go to specialists to get advice on a specific problem or to have the specialist perform a task on our behalf, such as a dentist.

Would you believe that Jesus Christ is indeed a specialist at the many problems our world faces today? Not only is he a specialist, but he has a track record for demonstrating wisdom and power to perform to get world changing results.

The Bible has numerous examples of complex problems not unlike our own. I would encourage you to read the fascinating stories of the people of that era. Quickly you will see that the things we face today were also experienced in almost the same fashion then.

The wisdom of God reaches down through the ages and touches every generation. It will continue to do so until it is abundant and thriving with power in the new kingdom to come. It will be on display and mankind will gladly acknowledge and accept that the ideas and solutions that his government will have, is the only thing that will be effective and bring about the real change that this planet has been seeking for generations.

There is more good news to come, and I promise you the best days of a world with no war, crime, poverty and the abundance of peace, will be established with the solutions from the the mind of God himself. I can assure you my friend, that he cannot and will not fail.  Isn’t that cool?