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May 11, 2018

Some of my personal thoughts of recent days.
There is a heavenly war on the battleground of the earth. Every one of us on this planet has both friends and enemies in high places. They dwell in the realm that we can see as well as in the vast world that we cannot see.

As human beings, I am amazed that we can be so smart, so intelligent and still lack wisdom. I am also equally amazed at the amount of hardship that we bring upon ourselves due to our own decisions and choices. Ask me how I know! My life is full of bad decisions that have had unintended consequences and some consequences that I will have to live with for the foreseeable future if not for the rest of my life.

Think about this. Yes, life is difficult in and of itself, but how much more difficulty do we bring upon ourselves, with the things we do and the choices we make. When wisdom is not heeded, hardship is guaranteed. The DNA of sin that has been passed down from Adam through the ages to you and me, is a remarkable thing when you think about it. What other trait has a global impact on EVERY living soul? God was very clear when he said that the soul that sins shall die.

So far that has been very accurate and true from Adam right down to you and I. Now what I find fascinating about that is that he said the soul that “sins” shall die. So by the natural reasoning of the opposite end of the spectrum in that statement, would be that the soul that does not sin shall not die or perhaps even cannot die.

Jesus Christ was indeed the example of a soul that did not sin and as such could not die by default of sinful DNA. Jesus also referenced that fact when he told his followers that nobody can take his life, but rather he willingly and voluntarily gave it up. In other words, he literally had to surrender his life in death, because death could not take him. Now while the curse of death is upon us all, and there is nothing that we can do to change the course of history regarding that, I am fascinated by the possibility of the same sinless DNA that was inside of Jesus Christ that caused him to live a sinless life inside of a physical human body just like yours and mine, can be made available to us.

I do not believe that living a sin free life is a matter of self-will. I think it is way beyond that. Our best intentions and good will, even though well meaning has failed us miserably. Now, first of all, let me be very clean and transparent regarding sin, especially my own. Because much to your surprise and mine, I am certainly not perfect! (Ok you can laugh now.)

The bottom line is that my sins are quite large in number. One thing about sin is that it makes us All equal as humans because while we may grade on the curve or on a scale, God does not. Murder and a small lie both are sins to God, even though we see them in varying degrees.

Compared to a Holy God where the standard is sinless, all of our infractions miss the mark. I liken it to being a little bit pregnant or somewhat dead! Either you are or you’re not.

When it comes to my own sins I am ashamed of them, but not ashamed to inform you of them. Let’s just say that if I were to list them all alphabetically I would need all 26 letters of the English alphabets! Yes, all 26 letters!

Again God does not grade on a curve or on a scale and he is totally just and fair in how he judges our sin. We are dealing with a holy God and because we don’t fully grasp the standard of holiness it makes it a lot easier for us to see our sins and the sins of others on a scale or curve.

Think about it, there is the unintentional sin, there is the blatant sin, there is the sin of the flesh, and sin of the mind or thought, that nobody can see or have knowledge of other than God.

Consider this for a moment. Ask yourself this question: If there was a way that I (insert your name here) could live 100 percent sin free both in thought and deed over the next 30 days would I do it?

Of course, you could give yourself a list of the many benefits of living that way. Now to live sin free you would obviously want a listing of the sins that you are to avoid. Now here is a fascinating bit of info you can cite at your next party or with a lawyer that you know.
I find it interesting that there are over 40 thousand laws on the books just to enforce Ten Commandments!

As of January 1st 2010 there were 40,627 new laws on the books for the USA, it’s territories and protected lands.

Now here is a scenario for your consideration: What if Jesus Christ himself appeared to you for a one on one conversation and made the following proposal? “If I can give you the exact same DNA of the Holy Spirit that is in me that allowed me to live a sinless life in a human body on this earth, would you take me up on that offer? And would you like to experience it risk-free for the next 30 days?”

In other words, Jesus would be telling you, “If you like the 30 day trial of a sin free life, you can keep the DNA and Holy Spirit and live the rest of your days as such. And if not, if you are not happy with a sinless life at the end of 30 days just let me know and I will remove it from you and you can go back to the original sinful life you had with no questions asked. Do we have a deal? What say you?”

Now the reason I put that scenario like that is that is exactly the deal God has given us regarding the regeneration work of the Holy Spirit operating in our lives. The process is called being “born again”. That is an offer he has made for us already.  But instead of just a 30 day trial, it comes with a lifetime guarantee that gets upgraded to an eternal guarantee upon death.

It goes like this: “Let’s make an exchange. I will take your sins and your sinful nature out of you and I will put my Holy nature as in the Holy Spirit inside of you. What a deal. Meaning that if you surrender your sins and all the bad stuff that is in you to me, I will remove it and in exchange I will give you all of my goodness and my Holy Spirit which will regenerate your mind and thought process and will eventually carry over to your body to be Holy just like I am.”

Would you take him up on that deal? OK, so let’s narrow this down a bit. Let’s say that you did not want a lifetime deal but rather only a ten-year deal. Would you take him up on an offer of living Holy for ten years? One year? One day?

The reason I mention this exchange is to emphasize the great deal we are getting versus what he received in return from us.

The bible mentions that when Jesus was on the cross and the wrath of God was being poured out on him it was for no other reason than the fact that he became the sin of the entire world which God judged in him.

The Bible states it perfectly: 2 Corinthians 5:21 NKJV
“For He (God) made Him(Jesus) who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Now imagine if you will if it is the opposite for us. Meaning that “we who do not know Holiness became Holy so that our sins are transferred to Him.”

And it does not matter what your sin is, He (Jesus Christ) became it. He became every sin known to mankind. Think about the burden of being all those horrible things that mankind is capable of. He became a murderer, rapist, adulterer, fornicator, pedophile, homosexual, drug addict, alcoholic, liar, cheater, a racist, robber and on and on. Whatever sin you can think of and those that you can’t, He became it.  And as an added bonus for us he also became our sickness and diseases so that in him we have healing and health.

So regardless of who you are or whatever you are capable of doing regarding sin, he can cover it, and in fact, has covered it. Because he has already become it. That is exactly why none of us can look down on another or judge another regarding their sin. I mean the guy who is a rapist cannot look down on the murderer and say “your sin is worse than mine.”

The liar or cheater cannot look down on an adulterer and say his sin is worse. The reason we cannot judge and have no right to judge one another regarding sin is because all of our sins both yours and mine has already been judged and condemned by God himself. That is the highest court from which there is no appeal. You have heard of the saying, “the kettle calling the pot black.” The rapist is not in any better standing than the racist.

I think it is interesting that we grade and judge each other on a scale and on the curve. And yet our scales are not just. Our scales are not right and out of balance.

Because what we are giving up in exchange for the goodness and righteousness of God is a whole different ballgame. We are giving up eternal death in exchange for eternal life. It’s not even a fair trade when you think about it. And yet that is the deal God has made with us.

Also, I find it rather unique that we seem to do our sins in secret, but Jesus Christ took on our sins and became sin in public. He was hanging on a cross butt naked for the whole world to see. He bore our shame all in public view. All of our hidden sins that he took on, suddenly was exposed for the whole world to see. And I think that may be why we are to confess to him our sins. Why? Because we think we are keeping it a secret and he has already exposed it to the world when he was on the cross. So our confession is an acknowledgment of the sin that he has exposed. In other words, we can point to the very sin hanging on the cross with him. I mean I can imagine Jesus saying, “Hey, you think you are keeping your sin a secret. I have already exposed it for what it is on the cross, publicly. All I need you to do is to agree and acknowledge it with me.”

That is why when we acknowledge our sin before him, that the guilt and shame is lifted away because it is already on him. It was transferred to him on the cross. You are acknowledging that you don’t have to carry it and point to the proper place where it is and belongs, on the cross with him.

Isn’t that a great deal? Our public shame and guilt we don’t have to wear anymore because he has already worn it for us in public.  With that knowledge, you and I can breathe and live freely.




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Book Title: Obedient To Love, Sample Chapters Tue, 27 Mar 2018 21:41:54 +0000 Continue reading "Book Title: Obedient To Love, Sample Chapters"]]> CHAPTER 1
The black and white tabby cat, named Sylvester, was licking its paws when he heard Wanda’s approaching footsteps. He lifted his head and quickly scampered out into the hallway, knocking over the bowl of milk. Wanda was startled to see him run by her so quickly, as he had seemed very lethargic over the past several weeks. Upon entering the kitchen and seeing the milk on the floor, she wondered why he didn’t bother to clean up his own mess. “I don’t know who you think you are but I’m not a maid to humans or animals in this house! You better learn to clean up and take out your own litter box!” She chuckled at the idea of her talking to a cat, as if he really understood what she was saying. It was early in the morning and her most favorite time of the day, when she could carve out some precious moments of solitude. It was at this hour that she could collect her thoughts and reflect on what she had to do for the day.

Rarely could she devote more than twenty minutes to a cup of coffee and savor the time for herself. She envied other housewives who would make mention of the special morning ritual and routines that made for a very tight bond in their families. That certainly was not the case for Wanda Evans and John, her husband of five years.

She glanced up at the refrigerator to see the art drawing that her seven year old daughter had posted the night before. She had always felt love from her daughter and at this moment, as she stared at the drawing, she smiled with contentment. These days her daughter Jasmine, had become the solid rock in her life and the only one she could count on to love her unconditionally.

Jasmine was the one part of the union that made it all worthwhile. She was very energetic and seemed to have an endless curiosity about the world around her. Even though Wanda loved the fact her daughter was possessed with the gift of energy, she wanted it to be harnessed from time to time, especially when out in public or while in the company of a stranger. Wanda smiled, wondering just how many miles she had ran chasing Jasmine up and down the Walmart aisles when she first learned to walk, or rather run.

Even now at the age of thirty five Wanda was highly attractive. As she sat there in her pink bathrobe it revealed flawless skin underneath. The years had been very kind to her and she didn’t need the makeup cream that she applied to her face religiously every morning. It was only in her mind did the crows feet appear. And the laugh lines that she thought were a permanent blemish served to make her even more youthful looking. Her daily routine of yoga, stretching and walking had kept her girlish figure for all these years. She felt like the queen of the prom when men would whistle at her from afar and send flirtatious comments her way. She loved the attention, as it reassured her that she still had what men wanted. She didn’t want to admit that occasionally she had lingering doubts and that her self-esteem sometimes was lacking.

This was mostly because she longed for the attention and affection from her husband, that had somehow vanished with the passing of time. She wondered if that was the norm for married couples, until hanging out with a few of her married girlfriends seemed to prove otherwise. She didn’t know what to do anymore to capture his eyes and lustful attention to her. The credit card bills certainly showed that she had tried everything, to include Brazilian waxing, and hair and nail makeovers. The closet and drawers was overflowing with sexy dresses and the drawers enclosed skimpy lingerie that make any man pant with excitement. Of course any normal man would, except John. Five years into her marriage with him and she was starting to feel like a widow. Funny how she let her mind drift to the thought of being a widow, thinking that perhaps that would be more comforting than being in the same bed with a man who had died emotionally a very long time ago.

It was not only that John was becoming disconnected from her, but things had gotten very intense over the past six months. First it was very subtle with him coming home later and later, and seemingly in a constant bad mood. Whenever she would ask about his day and what was wrong, she got the same sharp answer. “Nothing, and why do you always insist that something is wrong with me? Can’t a guy just get some peace and quiet and be left alone? For heavens sakes, Wanda, you are getting to the point of annoying.”

It was a couple of days later when he came home with alcohol on his breath and an unfamiliar perfume on his collar that Wanda blew up at him about his behavior.

“Where in the hell have you been and why did you not think enough of me to call?”
“Wanda, please do not go there. Trust me I am not in the mood.” He said.
“In the mood? I bet you were in the mood after drinking so you could be with some bitch that left that perfume on you! Who is she John?”
“What are you talking about? There is no who!” John was feeling a bit nervous, and quickly he thought of what loose ends he had left untied.
“I am not stupid John. Do not play me for a fool. I can smell the alcohol and the perfume all over you. Now look me in the eye and tell me you have not been with some woman today.” She stared at him hoping she was not right but knowing her instincts had not let her down before, she braced for the worst.

“Wanda, I have not been with another woman as you’re thinking. The reason that you smell perfume is this. While I was at a stop in Gaithersburg, a lady was eagerly expecting a package from her son who is over in Iraq. And when I delivered it to her she was overjoyed and gave me a big hug. And as for the alcohol, yeah, I stopped and had a beer at Uno’s to unwind a bit. It was a rough day and I needed to get in a light mood. There’s no harm in that, OK?”

“Yeah, right.” Wanda was amazed at just how good he was at lying.
The large crystal chandelier swayed and chimed from the breeze that came through the open kitchen window. Wanda loved the fresh morning air. She stood up and inhaled deeply while stretching as far as she could reach to the ceiling. She loved all the sounds that indicated the start of a brand new day. She walked over to the window and leaned close and put her nose on the screen and searched for the birds that were chirping a loud chorus. A dog barked off in the distance, and the sound seemed to echo throughout the entire quiet neighborhood.

The house was small but still warm and cozy and it had served more than the basic need of shelter. It was her idea to move into a starter home shortly before she got married. John, however, had bigger things in mind for his new bride. He never made outrageous promises to Wanda, but wanted her to know that she was worthy of comfort and security. He always felt it was his responsibility to provide for her needs first and her wants second. He was happy to know that Wanda was good at managing household finances, and that he could depend on her to keep things running smoothly. That was just the way he liked it. All he wanted to do was to be able to focus on his job as a professional driver for a major trucking company.

He was well along in his career and living his dream. It still amazed him after all these years that he was actually paid to drive, which was something that not only he enjoyed, but regarded as a passion more than work. The seed of freedom and the call of the open road began for John even as a small boy. During the very hot summer days while his foster mother kept him inside not allowing him to play with other kids, he would escape his misery by pretending he was driving all over the country.

He was very intense with his imagination and, even as a child, he knew that the road meant freedom from all that he was feeling and enduring. It was his only focus to hide all the pain and loneliness that came at the hands of a foster mother that inflicted countless hours of both emotional and physical abuse.

Wanda went back to the bedroom and saw the evidence of the restless night she had, tossing and turning. The bed was a display of tossed pillows and entangled sheets and blankets that more closely represented the place where a fight took place rather than sleep. It was another night of endless thinking about her current situation. She was in her mid-thirties and in a very unhappy marriage, with no idea of how to change it or having the courage to get out of it. Very few people knew of the loneliness that she felt inside and least of all, her husband. The chill in the air seemed to make the nights even longer. She wondered as she looked at the unmade bed if other women were enduring the same turmoil, or was she the only one to have this misery at this moment.

Her life had not played out like the soap operas she had seen on TV. She longed for the day that John would come through the door with a surprise gift in his hand, selected especially for her, something that would show his adoration and appreciation for her and her love. A bouquet of flowers, a card, a small trinket of jewelry or even a ticket to get away for the weekend just the two of them. It had not always been like this or this bad. Somewhere in the passing months and years the emotional separation and loneliness grew wider and stronger. She had difficulty remembering when she was very passionate about their love. But somehow she coped, rationalizing that she had a roof over her head and some security for her and her daughter.

She had listened to some of her girlfriends and endless struggle of making it on their own without a man. And she thought that her plight was much better than that. As she went about her domestic duties, it was becoming more and more evident that her life was revealing the emptiness within. She looked in the mirror while brushing her hair, and the woman who stared back showed very little signs of aging from the outside, but she felt very old on the inside. She knew it was vanity to think that beauty would last forever. She also knew that there were a lot of younger women who could turn John’s head, and maybe even his heart. She focused on the comments from women who had mistaken her for much younger. And yes, all the men noticed her curves that seemed to fall in all the right places. This gave her some confidence.

It didn’t bother her that the men wanted one thing and one thing only. As long as she got their attention, that was all that mattered. Attention from another man, even for a brief few moments for all the wrong reasons, was more attention than she was getting from John these days. She tried not to entertain the thoughts of any activity outside of their marriage, because she was first and far most a Christian and enduring a bad marriage was liken to the devotion of the Christian life. “I knew the road was going to be difficult at times, you do not quit just because of a little adversity.” The mantra would get her through the long cold and lonely nights, while tears soaked her pillow.

Returning to the kitchen she stopped and looked out the window and daydreamed for several minutes. She remembered the time she and John went on a cruise to the Caribbean, with a five-night stay in the Bahamas. It was one of the best times the two of them shared, and the only time when she actually felt loved by him. One morning they both woke up in the resort hotel and decided not to do anything other than spend the day with each other in the room and make love, off and on all day. She was amazed that he could make love the entire day and be so ready for more, even later that night. Perhaps he had a deep well of passion in him that she was tapping into for the first time. John was very handsome and he kept himself in really good shape. There was no evidence that he was approaching middle age. His days of glory were long behind him but had plenty of credentials to show just how fine-tuned his body was in the days of his youth. She loved to listen to him tell the stories of the many road races he ran and how being a distance runner gave him the endurance he needed in the bedroom. She smiled when he recalled a couple of marathons he ran and she thought how many women would love a man to go the distance under the sheets.

She had always wanted a medium sized house. However, the small house that was more like a cottage on the outskirts of Baltimore, would have to do. In spite of their differences and problems, she knew that John wanted her to do well and he was willing to sacrifice to make sure she had what she needed. But, more than a lavish lifestyle, she wanted to know that she was loved unconditionally by him. She would trade in her lifestyle for love. She knew plenty of women who were gold diggers and did not want love as much as a glamorous life. Wanda, however, thought that love would be the ticket to a great life. She thought that if you win a man’s heart, then you also have his bank account.

She never asked too much of John, other than he be faithful and true. Her biggest fear was that in her greatest time of need he would desert her. Even though she was in great health, a hidden fear was getting the news from a doctor that she had breast cancer or some other terminal illness. She knew this was irrational thinking, but more than once she was surprised about the sudden illness that had befallen one of her friends in her age group. It reminded her that she was still mortal and that death does not discriminate.

After getting dressed and buttoning up her navy blue pinstriped jumpsuit, she quickly sat down at the computer to check her email, make notes from her calendar, and go over her to-do list. While scanning through the subject lines of the emails, she noticed one in particular that had no subject line and the senders name was Stacey. She clicked it and read the following: Hello John, it was such a pleasure to meet you the other night. You made me laugh and feel alive again. I was really impressed with your dancing and I want to thank you once again for sharing moments of comfort. We must meet again. I have your number and I will call as soon as I can. Please keep in touch. Fondly Stacey.

Wanda sat there staring at the screen in disbelief, wishing that she didn’t read what she just read. She quickly read it again and in disgust deleted it. Had this confirmed what she had thought all along? Or perhaps she would give him the benefit of the doubt and let him explain himself. She was determined not to let her discovery ruin her mood or foul up her day. A few minutes later she picked up her pocketbook and headed out the door, careful to set the code on the house alarm.


John always enjoyed his early morning routine before clocking into work. His daily stop at the local Starbucks to browse and rea USA Today was the only time he had to be reflective. It was there that he would prepare himself mentally for the day ahead. His job as a route driver for a printing company caused him to tour the greater metro tri-state area of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. The job paid just barely enough to be respectable, but the high cost of the Greater Washington metro area would soon overcome his hourly wage. He hated the traffic but loved driving. Often he pondered why he had not persevered and gotten a degree in criminal justice. He wanted to hone his investigation skills that he learned while working as a corporate investigator for K-Mart. His five years with the company had proven to be very rewarding, but he slacked just enough to get fired. His untimely termination is what thrust him into looking for a new job. Driving was something that came easily to him and there were plenty of driving jobs in the metro area. His first job after K-Mart was as an independent courier. During his time as a courier that learned to navigate all over the greater metro area with efficiency and ease. He was commended on several occasions about his quickness and willingness to go anywhere and make a delivery regardless of the extra effort involved. It was his commitment and attention to detail along with superb customer service that got the attention of a customer that would routinely ask for him by name to make their deliveries. John was blushing a bit when the manager of Corporate Graphics kept badgering him about signing on as a company employee for their company. John at first resisted the idea of working for someone else and treasured the idea of being independent with choices of when he wanted to work. However knowing that he did not have any benefits, John reasoned that the security that comes from a company-sponsored benefits package would be highly desirable for his wife.

He pulled onto I-95 and quickly accelerated up to highway speed and flow of traffic, which was well above the posted 55mph. The white Ford Econovan had a powerful engine that was just perfect for the demands of delivering many boxes of books and documents that Corporate Graphics produced for the vast customer base in the tri-state area. It was not unusual for some of his runs to take him as far south as Richmond Virginia and as far north as Pennsylvania. While making his way to his stop, his mind drifted to other thoughts that had consumed him, mostly the pretty young lady he befriended on the second floor of the Bally’s health club in Alexandria.

It was nothing that he had planned or even hoped for, but with the many visits he made to the club to work out, he found the very fit dirty blonde to have an undeniable attraction he couldn’t easily shake. He was mostly shy and very awkward with women, so he found it quite surprising that this fitness instructor would see beyond his many stumbling moments and find him rather also. Across the room glances and flirting conversations, they would send each other any time he was there was so obvious that even some of the patrons voiced their discontent. John did have a cover that he used to continue to have contact with her. He happened to sell a nutritional line that he wanted to promote at the club. And of course getting the opinion of a fitness instructor as dedicated as Vicky was very valuable to him. So anytime he stopped by the club he made a point to have some products on hand that he could promote to the other club members and, of course, to engage in long conversations with Vicky. On one such occasion, he was flirting with Vicky to the point that she was uncomfortable and she made her point known

“John, listen it is not very professional as a company representative to flirt with your clients. People will get the very wrong impression, so why not cool it in here, OK?” She was firm, blunt and gave him a very serious look.
“You’re right Vicky. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I can assure you it won’t happen again. But listen, why don’t you let me make it up to you over lunch or dinner sometime, outside of the club?” He had a small grin on his face that caused her to smile back. Vicky gave him a very long look and then said, “You are very sweet and I might take you up on that offer if you promise me to behave yourself in here.”
“Consider it done.” He thanked her for the time they spent together and set up his next appointment for personal training.

He sat in the van outside the club in the parking lot and reclined the seat back for a few minutes to reflect on his next move with Vicky. He didn’t have the confidence to date anyone these days and it still bothered him to know that he was even contemplating having an affair. Wanda was good to him, very loyal, and it made him feel guilty to hurt her with an affair with another woman. Should he just face up to the reality of what he was feeling inside and tell her that he just did not think the marriage could continue to go on? Or let the devastating knowledge of his affair come as a shock, which would force her to abruptly end the marriage. No, Wanda deserved a lot better than that, and he thought that God would most certainly hold him accountable for the way he treated her. With that thought in mind, he wondered just how did he let it get this far. Was there still time for him to turn the direction of his life around? Could he look at himself with confidence knowing that he had planned and carried out an affair with the sole purpose of breaking up their marriage?  Well, something had to be done and he had better think of something quick because tension and the silence between him and Wanda was growing.

It had been several months since they made love and often he would stay up long after she went to bed and fell asleep to ensure he did not have to share any intimacy with her. Her complaints still ringing in his ears of the fact that she did not like to have to always be the one to initiate sexual contact. It was not that the sex wasn’t good, she just hated the fact that she didn’t feel as if she was wanted. She knew she had some flaws in her body that could not easily be overlooked, but she could feel the passion of him every time they made love. And he never seemed disgusted with her body. Yes, he told himself on several occasions that perhaps he could seek another woman a bit more appealing and who had much more chemistry, but he also had grown used to the comfort of this woman who kept a great home and was the role model of the domestic lifestyle.

He wanted to someday settle down and have a comfortable home that Wanda provided. It made sense to be practical and stop chasing everything that had a short skirt and pretty smile. Still, his sense of adventure kept calling him to seek more and find out if he had what it took to charm the ladies that were so far out of his league. Vicky was his latest quest. So just how far would he go before his better judgment kicked in and he controlled the urges within him that should only be for Wanda his wife?

He quickly pushed the thoughts out of his mind as he got back on the road and headed to the University of Maryland campus for his next delivery. Within a few miles, his mind drifted back to Vicky. He knew that something would have to be done before he went too far. He never regarded himself as a person who would cheat on his wife and was startled at this very moment that even the thought was in his mind. How could he hurt her like that? And besides did he not forget what he read in the Bible about accountability for such actions. ‘God will not tolerate hypocrites regardless of who they are.’ he reminded himself.

He wondered what had happened over the years to get him to this point. Was it inevitable in spite of his best efforts? He had a lot of questions about himself as a real husband now that cheating was a part of thoughts and fantasies he was not suppose to allow himself to have.
John could not bear the thought of living a lie and being very good at it. He had a conscious that would hound him with every sin he committed and a holy spirit that would most certainly remind him of his errors.

To the outside world John seemed to have it all together, yet on the inside his coping skills were breaking down more and more each day. His fast-paced schedule seemed to be closing in on him with every passing moment. His gym membership at Bally’s had served as a distraction and an outlet to vent his frustrations of life. However these days he craved something more to suppress the deep guilt that was consuming him. He was not known for a reckless lifestyle, however every now and then he would push the envelope and live on the wild side. As a man who still had vast amounts of energy and youth, he sought to do things that would give him an adrenaline rush. Wanda was very mild and tame. John had often spoke of doing something reckless just for the fun of it. She, however, was not only cautious, but her desire to see him in a more docile state meant that he would not be risking his life in some skydiving accident and thereby jeopardizing her security.

By late that afternoon, John had completed most of his stops and deliveries. He had always planned his route so that he could take advantage of the HOV lane that ran from Washington DC to Triangle, Va. It was the fastest way to Virginia around the three o’clock hour. John needed to be in Virginia by late afternoon at least twice a week, however not for business purposes. He had managed over time to find a habit that required lots of cash to fulfill. He had always told himself that it was just a little pick me up to help him get through the stress of the day. And, to be honest, that is just how it started on the day he met a pretty well dressed Blonde at a Dunkin Donut’s shop in Dumfries.

Cindy Adams was the one pretty girl who flirted just enough with her southern accent and dazzling smile to get him to stop there every time he was in the Dumfries area. As a matter of fact, he would even make excuses to be in that area just to spend some time with her. Cindy was an office manager at the professional building that was home to lawyers and doctors and one accountant. She often took her lunch break at the Dunkin Donuts because of the close proximity to her work. Her budget only allowed for frugal fixings at Dunkin Donuts. John offered to buy her lunch every time he was in the area, as a thank you for her shared company. It was during these breaks that Cindy revealed a lot about her life and how at times she felt so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the office. She told him that her energy sometimes lagged far behind and even the heaping cups of black coffee was not enough.

On one such visit, John asked, “How do you do it Cindy? A girl like you needs her beauty rest. And you know you cannot keep up this pace for long.”       She looked at him and smiled. Then she gently touched his arm and said,                   “Well I have a friend of mine who gives me a little something to get me through the rough spots.” She grinned and then continued, “It is also responsible for my charming personality at this time of the day, when otherwise I would be ready to strangle everybody in my building.”
John looked at her intensely and then smiled and said, “Ok there, cute one, what is it exactly that makes you so endearing?”

“Well, if I tell you, I need you to promise me not to tell anyone. And it maybe something that could help you out on your route. I bet it will keep you calm enough so you will not run over anybody.”
“I’ll have you know that I am a professional driver and I don’t run over people.” He smiled and began to be even more curious. “But OK, I promise and I might consider your offer.”
Cindy reached into her small burgundy pocket book, took out a notepad, wrote down a phone number and then handed it to John. “Take this, call this number and tell the person who answers the phone that you are picking up for Chalice. They’ll give you directions to get this order for Chalice.”
“Something tells me I should not ask who Chalice is or what exactly I am picking up.” He was a bit nervous but thought that he could trust this beautiful woman that had charmed him so much over the past several weeks.

“You’ll be fine. It’s around the corner, about two minutes from here, down that road.” Cindy pointed out the large window where the road went across the large intersection and disappeared into a residential area. “Just come back here as soon as you can and we can take a drive and talk some more.” Cindy smiled and flashed her eyes and slung her head back so that her long blonde hair brushed past John’s face, and he could smell the sweet fragrance that made him long for her in that very instance.
“OK, anything for you darling.” And with that John got in his vehicle and dialed the number.
The voice on the other end of the line was very rough and unfriendly. John was polite in carrying out Cindy’s instructions. The voice told John to come to the location and someone would come out to meet him and complete the transaction. Seven minutes later, John pulled up in front of the apartment building and waited. He was careful to be mindful of his surroundings and took note of the young men who were staring at him from the sidewalk and stairs that lead up to the apartment building. It was rather obvious they had not seen this vehicle here before and knew there was a need to check it out and be sure that John was not a cop.

After about twenty minutes of trying to calm his nerves, the cell phone rang and John was instructed to drive around to the back side of the apartment building. He went to the other side of the building and parked, even more, unsure of why he was there.
The back door of the apartment building swung open and out came a man walking quickly toward the van. John kept looking at him closely as he approached the vehicle. He motioned for John to roll the window down.

“Yeah,” John kept his comments short needing to know what this guy was up to.
“What’s up, man? I was told to come meet with you and you want to do some business. Is that correct?”
“I believe so, this is for Chalice.” John still was not sure of who he was. But he did not want to let this intimidating figure sense any hint of fear.
“Ok let me in and let’s get this done. I got other customers to take care of and this is a freebie from the boss for Chalice.” He went to the other side and quickly sat down in the front seat. He seemed a bit nervous also. “Just take this and leave a different way than you came in here. There is a small dirt road on the other side of the basketball court. Take that road and be sure no one is following you. Do not stop. You have never seen this place and I do not exist. Clear?” He looked at John with ice cold eyes that indicated that he would end this conversation by any means necessary.

John’s instincts told him not to say another word and just follow the instructions. He took the small package that was handed to him and put it in his pocket. The man quickly got out of the van, did not say anything but merely pointed in the direction of the basketball court.
John drove the van out of the complex as directed. Within a few minutes he was in a neighborhood that made him even more uncomfortable than the apartment building. Knowing that a delivery van would normally not be in this neighborhood, he thought it best to quickly get out of the area and back to Dunkin Donuts to see if Cindy was still there. Upon pulling into Dunkin Donuts parking lot, he was saddened to see that she had left.

Knowing that his shift would be over in less than an hour, he decided that it was time to start making his way back to the dispatch office. He felt relieved as he got back on I-95 heading north toward Maryland. He kept thinking about the small package that was in his pants pocket and wondered exactly what it was. Of course, he had his suspicions that it probably was something he shouldn’t hang onto very long.

At the Dale City rest area, John pulled in and parked his van far away from other visitors. He reached in his pocket and unwrapped the brown handkerchief to find two small vials of white powder and a vial of tiny little crystals that looked like small ice or glass chips. John felt his heart beat getting stronger and faster at the thought of using or carrying illegal drugs. What was Cindy doing with friends and connections like the man he met at the residential complex? Did she have a drug habit? Why would she introduce this to him? The questions kept coming as he stared at the contents of the vials. He heard what these drugs can do, and yet his curiosity wanted to know more.

While he was looking at the drug package, he failed to recognize the movements of the men closing in on his van with weapons drawn. In the most shocking manner, he was introduced to them.
“Step out of the vehicle and put your hands on top of your head! Do it now!” The sounds coming from several police officers was quite intimidating and happened so fast that John didn’t have time to process the reality of what was happening to him.

John’s emotions quickly changed to sadness as he complied with the officers’ orders. In less than four minutes John was handcuffed, read his rights and placed in the police car. His thoughts were erratic and he felt like his world had just caved in. How would he explain all of this to his wife? The flashing blue lights snapped him back into the reality of the moment. How he wished he were dreaming, but clearly he was awake and in the middle of a nightmare. As the police car sped off to the Prince William County Detention Center, John began to feel a deep remorse.

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Obedience vs Disobedience, Both Have Generational Impact Wed, 06 Dec 2017 01:57:36 +0000 Continue reading "Obedience vs Disobedience, Both Have Generational Impact"]]> Recently I was engaged in a conversation with someone who was adamant about the current trend in our country to not only disagree with our national leaders but to defiantly oppose them by any means necessary.

While listening to their opinion, I wondered how they would respond to the counsel of the Bible on the subject of how to handle our governing authorities.

I find it interesting that God took the time to deal with how we are to interact with those governing over us.  I can imagine it was most important during the time of Jesus in Jerusalem, because of the turmoil of the Jewish people living under the rule of the Roman Empire.

While the Jewish people wanted to be free of the oppression of Rome, their ideas of how that would happen was radically different from what the new young Jewish leader of the emerging movement that would take over the world was teaching.

Consider what the Bible says about our response and attitude to those who govern over us and compare it to what is currently in the American culture:

Romans 13 vs 1-7  Submit to Government
13″ Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.

4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

5 Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.

6 For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing.

7 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.”

Some may think that blind obedience when a questionable governing power is causing chaos, is the cowardly thing to do.  This does not mean that you cannot take an active role in silently engaging on behalf of the governing authorities.  Praying for our leadership to have the wisdom to lead and to submit to Godly principles for leadership is a very active sign of engaging.  It not only petitions the leadership before God, but it also allows the submission of your heart to God so that you are not buffeted by the emotions that will come when you see leadership acting contrary to Godly principles.  You will be able to rest in knowing that all leadership has to answer to God, because by his authority alone are they established.  Romans 13 verse 1

When I referenced this teaching and attitude about submission to government and obedience thereof to the person I was speaking with, they immediately were highly offended by the notion of obedience.

Admittedly obedience does not come naturally to us.  Just ask any mom or dad.

Furthermore, when it comes to obedience, all I have to say about that is, it was disobedience that got this whole world messed up in the first place.  If disobedience to God is what got our country and the entire world in the bad state we now find ourselves, why do we think that continued disobedience will correct it?

First, it was disobedience by Lucifer in his disobedience to God which led to his heart being changed to the point that he felt the need to rise up against God.  Does that now sound like what we are seeing in the news lately with the attitude of rising up, protesting and the call for the ouster of our current leaders?

In my conversation, this person was most highly offended as a result of their education and intellect, and they indicated that we Christians should  “think for ourselves and not allow brainwashing to guide us into  inaction.”

I can most certainly sympathize with their point of view, however, there are larger implications regarding our obedience or disobedience.  Consider the following:

There was disobedience by Adam and Eve who were so “intelligent” so “educated” and were duped into thinking they were wiser than God, by the cunning deceiver, Satan.  We can clearly see to this day that their disobedience did not work out in their favor, and their disobedience has long-lasting consequences for every generation and human to come after them.

Thinking for themselves without wisdom was a major mistake as it is today with our culture and society.

However, the good news is that just as disobedience has long-lasting consequences, obedience has long-lasting benefits and blessings, not only to the individual but also to generations of people as well.

Consider these examples:  Noah, Abraham, Moses, Paul, and Jesus Christ.  Without the obedience of these key figures in history, well there would be no history.  Consider the long-lasting impact of their obedience to God’s principles and his direct orders.

So while it may be natural for us to look at the world with human eyes and feel the need to disobey for the sake of advocating our own agenda, the example of Jesus shows a level of obedience that has far-reaching benefits that will not only benefit you as the individual, but countless lives of those around you and those to come after you.

Is it always easy?  Absolutely not, because of our natural tendencies toward disobedience.  But slowly if you can understand that God has put in place areas of obedience into our lives for our growth, benefit, and protection, then you will begin to see that truly his way is best.

Currently, we have God’s word as the cornerstone of our obedience.  It will be the measuring stick of our spiritual growth in this life, and the absolute authority of our judgment in the next.

Just imagine if we could have added both Adam and Eve to the list of obedient warriors!  What about you and I?  Shall we perhaps incline our ways toward obedience so as not to inherit the negative consequences that we have seen duplicated in the lives of others?

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Gun control or something to control the heart? You decide. Wed, 06 Dec 2017 00:11:23 +0000 Continue reading "Gun control or something to control the heart? You decide."]]> Yet again we find ourselves in the grip of delivering the grim news of a mass shooting by a gunman in our country. And yet again the same mantra from all sides of the issue are on parade on the airways and in social media. Some are screaming loudly for more as if there is even more, gun control, and others are screaming loudly for more mental health reform, and equally as loud, the chants of “good guy stops bad guy with a gun”.

I find it interesting that we are so confident that we will stop other countries or prevent other countries from conducting terrorism or using a nuclear device, when we cannot prevent or even minimize one person from using a gun on our citizens.

Especially when we have hundreds of single shootings daily with handguns by criminals and gangs and drug dealers.

Then about three to six times a year we have mass shootings, and again our confidence soars about what we are doing to stop or prevent mayhem around the world.

In the meantime our next volley of homicides is currently underway in Chicago, LA, New York, Boston etc. And a few weeks from right NOW the cameras will show us yet another mass shooting with little interest in it’s prevention.

Gun laws or any law does not effect the human heart. Only people who WILLINGLY choose to obey their conscience will comply with any law. Just drive on any highway and you will see a demonstration of human will versus man made laws.

How we act when nobody but God is watching is a good indicator of our WILLFUL obedience to law.

So what does a good guy with a gun look like, or what does a bad guy with a gun look like? And what gun control law or current gun law enforcement will prevent someone with a FREE WILL from going rogue?

Take a look in the mirror, you and I are the only people who can CHOOSE obedience to a good conscience and heart.

We equally have the right and freedom of CHOICE to go rogue.

None of your best intended laws and gun measures can overcome that.

We stubbornly refuse to even mitigate the impact of gun violence on our society. We refuse to make the hard and unpopular decisions that will impact us all.

We are not committed enough to do what it would take to eradicate this problem. We need to admit that.

Foolishly, in my opinion we think that with the stroke of a pen on capital hill with either gun law reform or mental health innovation, will absolve us of our individual responsiblity to examine our hearts that houses the sin that drives such evil.

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A Flag of Freedom Flies Over Prisoners Tue, 21 Nov 2017 15:50:03 +0000 Continue reading "A Flag of Freedom Flies Over Prisoners"]]> A flag that represents freedom flies high above over a nation of 360 million prisoners to sin. Yet our freedom is just a whispered prayer and a surrendered heartbeat to the obedience of the only One who has the key that will set us all free.

Regardless of who we are or what we have done, there is a path to reconciliation.

For the powerful men currently with sexual allegations levied against you, with your acknowledgment of the wrong way to treat women, the key to freedom turns and unlocks your heart to purity, honor and respect.

To the ones who mind has been cast into the darkness of mental illness, the brightness of the Son, can illuminate your way to see and think clearly again the way it was supposed to be from the beginning.

For those who are held tight to the addictions of drugs, alcohol, porn or sexual deviant behavior such as gay or lesbianism, freedom belongs to you also.

To anyone who is held prisoner of hatred, resentment, racism, a cold and bitter heart due to unspeakable hurts and mistreatment, your heart has a get out of jail pass, bought and paid in full by Jesus Christ.

To the mistaken loves and bad marriage choices that have made life utterly miserable and unbearable, I can hear the voice of renewed love and faith that will bring either freedom or reconciliation, at the right time.

To the destitute, prostitute and the homeless, you can have freedom within, regardless of what the world sees on the outside.

And to anyone who doesn’t believe or has doubts, your confirmation of His presence and existence is just a sentence away, with “Lord help me with my unbelief.” “Make it real to my hardened heart, and penetrate all the layers till my doubts burn with the proven reality of your love for me.”

A flag flies over a country of prisoners begging to get out. Some are still held captive by old political systems and a document that promised freedom to all.

A new system of governance not originated by human intellect has the power to do what our current system cannot do. It will and can operate through people who will allow it to transform them and their way of thinking. It has the power to change their way of thinking about people, love and sin.

It can only be effective when each one of us free our hearts from what is not working, to make room and allow our freed hearts to beat with the love and power from Him who had one mission and one objective here on earth.

He boldly told us the heartbeat of his desire in the following:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, . .”

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

by Eugene Coghill

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Personal Journal Entry/ Personal Opinions on life topics. 9/20/17 Thu, 21 Sep 2017 16:37:23 +0000 Continue reading "Personal Journal Entry/ Personal Opinions on life topics. 9/20/17"]]> Recently I was telling someone that I often write a personal journal or diary and that I write to my dog as my exclusive audience.  They thought I was crazy for doing so.  I told them that I actually do because the dog is non judgemental and I do not fear his reactions or opinions.  So I promised them that my next journal entry that I would post it in my blog site so they could see that indeed I do converse with my dog in written form.  Some of my deepest thoughts literally goes to the dogs!  LOL

September 20,2017

While I know this is a personal journal entry, I think I will find myself speaking to a larger audience than my beautiful Yorkie named Albie. You see using him as an audience helps me speak to thousands, if not millions. OK, OK, I know I should not be so full of myself, but I have always been told to dream big. So, “my fellow Americans . . .” oh wait, I got off track again.

I am relaxing very comfortably in a tee shirt and pajama bottoms. The pajama bottoms are way out of the norm for me. But lets not go into the reasons why. Anyway, it is a cloudy and stormy day here in New England due in part to a guy named Jose. Jose just happens to be a tropical storm that is lurking out in the Atlantic ocean about 120 from Cape Cod, MA. More importantly Jose, is just one of three hurricane systems that has an impact on the Carribbean and the United States. Hurricane Irma and Harvey has left its mark on the United States, as well as an emotional impact on our citizens.

Oh, my, my little dog is looking at me very perplexed at what I am thinking or doing, just as I am about him. He is literally staring at me as if to say “I am reading your mind”. So forgive me if I start a lengthy conversation with my dog. We have not chatted for a long time, so here goes.

A lot of things are on my mind Albie, some of which you may not clearly understand but it is important that you are made aware. We live in some very troubling times and the society and cultural chaos that we see on a global scale seems to have caught the world by surprise, but I can assure you this is not a new thing. As a matter of fact it has been in play for a long time, with the building climax just ahead for all the world to see.

We are on a collision course with all the events that have been accurately described in the Word of God, mainly the Bible. But it is not just the Bible that cites these events, as what I find most fascinating that our various sciences and other academic disciplines have also begin to verify and even confirm the growing convergence of these things.

For me, you may wonder how I feel about all that is going to be happening and the increasing drama that will unfold. Well I am glad you asked. The first thing I want to say is that it was most important to me to get an overview of this crazy thing called life and the world that I live in. A long time ago I had heard the so called mysteries of life was the one thing that troubled people the most. And imagine that we spend 80 years here and for all of that time, some of us if not most are so in the dark about the overview of life. I for one did not want to know hearsay or educated opinions, so I thought what is the most credible source that would have a lot to say in explaining the various answers to the many questions of life.

I also wanted to have an open mind and know that all of my questions would not be answered and that I would have to concede that the creator of it all was infinitely smarter and wiser than I or any other person in the world and that his ability to do things would operate outside of my realm of human logic. So with that understanding I began to read the Bible. I decided to read it from cover to cover to get the entire big picture point of view on life.

Now keep in mind I was not religious and did not read it with the hope or notion of coming to a religious decision. I just wanted to know a basis for all that I was seeing around me with people and the world in general. And I thought also it would be great to see if the things that were going on around me would line up with clarity with the reasons cited in the Bible. And after all these years I can most certainly say a definitively yes.

What I don’t do and I still see it as pointless is to question the need for God or the concept of a supreme being, or where he came from or who created him. I suppose my critics would say that I blindly accept God as real, as is and that I am operating on a “don’t ask questions” policy. I cannot say they are wrong to be critical in that regard. Me however I reserve and honestly believe that those questions will be answered to my satisfaction when I meet HIM. And I am OK with that.

I am not sure if you can feel it, because you being a dog may not be in tune with the spiritual consciousness of life like we humans are. But there is no doubt in my mind that the world is feeling a growing since of anxiety as a large scale but not quite known event looms over the horizon. For me, I wanted to know if in fact that the best way to emotionally distance myself from the anxiety was to find out exactly what God has in store for this planet and the people on it. So it was with that understanding and quest that I decided to look deeper into the who, what, and why of life and death.

Now the hardcore atheist and critics will say that there is no God to even contemplate so that then all the rest of my quest and answers obtained are nonsense and meaningless. I personally disagree but must relent to their right to their opinion.

For me the history of the world has been the most fascinating teaching tool for what is taking place with people both now and what will happen in the future. The word history as I sometimes emphasis is indeed HIStory. Meaning that since the creator started the clock, and began the tapestry of life, anything that is written on the canvas of time truly is HIS story. For no body else has the ability to frame time, though I suppose in our human arrogance we like to think so.

I have often wondered not so much as to why we as humans got off to a bad start, but more importantly what those implications would mean to me and you and the rest of creation. The Bible seems to be the only thing that gives a clear answer that is accurate and has not been in error since. I mean one of my early questions was “why do people who were originally designed as a life giving spirits, have to succumb to a physical death of their bodies?”

I find it interesting that the medical field still seems to be a bit perplexed as to why the human body reaches a certain point and then the life sustaining cells stop that process so that the body will eventually die. Even more fascinating is that there have been countless people who have literally dropped dead in the prime of their life, with no health issues that would facilitate their death. They were literally walking alive with a beating heart and breathing air and the next moment they are laying on the ground with all life functions halted. And after a detailed autopsy no identifiable cause of death could be associated.

Equally as fascinating is that this death sequence is repeated daily on thousands of people all over the world from various backgrounds and circumstances. So I asked the obvious question, “why do people die?” For me I got an answer from the one who is solely in charge of life and death, mainly God, as communicated in his word. Now it is not important whether or not I like the answer that I found, but it is an answer nonetheless, and it is up to me to either accept it or reject it. Even if I reject it, there is no rational sense in denying that ALL humans die, and that all humans WILL die.  The current fatality rate is 100 percent, and it has been at that level ever since the first two humans walked the earth.  This rate has remained unchanged despite all of our best technological and medical advances.

And Albie, while I am at it let me say, that I am truly sorry that because of the curse of death that the entire earth is under, you, yes even you must also die. I am sorry and I know it does not seem fair, and I wish it were not so. Some would say it is not just and fair, and to some degree I am in that camp, but I must defer to the the creator with his plans, purpose and reasons.  It pisses me off that you have to pay the price for two idiots who decided to not take God at his word.  Or for the character who lied to Eve causing her to doubt what God had said.  I will cover that at another time.

The death sentence for us all came directly from God himself as cited here in fragmented passages: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Also again here he states: “The soul that sins shall die.” I find it fascinating that he did not say might die or could die. So then for me I needed to find out about this thing called sin that would cause me and every other human to die, along with the curse that was placed on the earth as a result of the planet being surrendered to sin.

I will go into my findings a bit later but this is all that I have time to write about for now, and I don’t want to bore you Albie as you seem like you would rather sleep than listen to me. OK, I get the point, you would rather do dog stuff, whatever that is! We shall chat more later this week.  Thanks for listening.

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What Would You Dare To Accomplish If You Could Not Fail? Sun, 02 Apr 2017 17:49:38 +0000 Continue reading "What Would You Dare To Accomplish If You Could Not Fail?"]]> What would you dare to accomplish, if you knew you could not fail? That question has the most potential to transform your life once you fully understand the power thereof.  Countless generations of people have propelled themselves to greatness far beyond the boundaries of mediocre minds.  That is a very bold statement and can seem intimidating to the uninformed.  But let’s dig a little deeper, shall we, to see the seeds of accomplishments grow to yield and produce results that are only limited to your imagination.

To get a full understanding of your untapped potential, we need to look at what you and I are made of by design from our creator.  The laws and principles that have produced every product ever made, every  human endeavor and all that is still yet unrealized was set in motion and established at the moment of creation.  In fact, it actually predated creation as an eternal law of the creator.

Consider this, all that you and I see and experience in the physical realm was the direct expression of the thoughts of God.  Those thoughts were spoken by him and the principles and laws brought it to pass just as you see it now.  How cool is that?  Perhaps you have heard the expression of “what the mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved.”  The creation is the greatest expression of “As a man thinks, so is he”.

What I have discovered to be fascinating over the years is that the law is very precise and exact, and it works in direct proportion to our thought process.  I did not know it at the time, but as I look back over my life I can clearly see that I am a living example of the thoughts that consumed me and pushed me to some accomplishments, that on the surface seemed unachievable.

I was just naive enough not to understand failure, and nobody had brainwashed me otherwise, therefore my mind was free to dare to do what it had conceived.

My early childhood and teenage years were extremely challenging as I maneuvered and endured the harsh reality of an abusive foster home and teenage group home.  During the many years of physical and mental abuse, my imagination was the only solace of refuge from the environment around me.  Little did I know that my mind was forging a foundation that would be instrumental in transforming my life from juvenile crime, anger and self destructive behavior, to focused efforts and various career paths with personal goals and accomplishments.

It’s funny how circumstances of life are set in motion by the power of the mind in the form of a creative thought.  I recall that on very hot summer days in Virginia, my foster mother would not allow me outside to play.  I was relegated to sitting on the closed in porch in a chair with very little to do or watch.  Imagine a life with no internet, smartphones or HD tv!  How did I ever survive! So in my effort to mentally disassociate from my private misery, I would pretend that I was driving. Yes, you heard me correctly, driving.  Directly across the street, a neighbor had an old broken down 55 Chevy, the kind with the shifting mechanism on the steering column.  It was known as a “three on a tree”, due to the three gears needed to drive it.

Every now and then, foster mom would send me across the street to run an errand or tell the neighbor something.  Trust me when I tell you, I was glad to do so.  Every time I went on that errand, I always seemed to take way too long, as the 55 Chevy and me took countless trips all across the United States!  I would sit in the car and put my hands on the wheel and make all the engine sounds and even taught myself how to clutch.  I had seen other people drive and I was always watching the hand and feet coordination.

Driving that old car in my mind was the greatest escape I had ever experienced up to that time, until I saw something even greater, a Tractor Trailer!  While going all over the tri-state area with my foster father who was a church deacon, every Sunday was a trip to somewhere.  And because I was still a child, I could not opt out, so I piled into the car and would stare out the window waiting to see these big trucks rolling down the road.  I could not keep my eyes off of them and I always wondered where could they be going.  I dreaded coming off the Interstate, knowing that there were untold miles of undiscovered highway that those truck would find.

It was on one such ride that I put the thought in my head that I wanted to find out where all those interstate roads went to.  And just how do you do that?  Become a long haul over the road truck driver!  I was about eight years old when the first seed was planted for my driving career that would not materialize until I was 37. Various career paths came and went, to include the Marine Corps, law enforcement and corporate investigator, but the seeds of seeing myself behind the wheel of a big rig was growing in my subconscious.

Tonight as I write this I can tell you that I have had an amazing 18 year career driving behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler with over 1.5 million accident free miles.  When I first walked into the terminal of my first company that hired me, I saw a driver Hall of Fame board for drivers who had driven over 1 million accident free miles.  There were only a handful of names from a company that had over seven thousand drivers!  I stared at that board for a few minutes and visualized my name on a plaque there, and told myself that achieving that was the only definition of my personal success.

With a lot of hard work and a safety conscious effort, in October 2010 I was honored by the American Trucking Association as a million mile safe driver, and in 2013 voted as Driver of The Year for my current company.  The seed of completing that accomplishment all began as a small visual in the mind of an eight year old boy.


That same format of placing the thought and visualizing the outcome has propelled me to run and complete two 50 mile ultra marathons as a teenager with limited training gained on the high school track and cross country team.  It is virtually unheard of to run and complete that distance while never having ran over 10 miles at any given time.  I did not know failure, and I literally thought that all runners did that.

You and I, have amazing potential and it is easily accessed with the thoughts we conceive.  I dare you to experiment with your own thought life and do something unconventional.  You were created unique, and destined to put your individual stamp on life.  Why be normal, when you were created to be different?

Go, be bold, be brave and make an impact that only you can make.  It all begins with a small internal voice, that boldly shouts: “Nobody can do my life the way I do!”

Eugene Coghill is a professional driver for a major trucking company, and a published author of a novel, Love Is A Fishnet.  Side interests include blogging for Kingdom Living, and helping others create a second income by showing them the simple advantages of the World’s #1 Affiliate program.


Personal Opinion, God Ruled or Man Ruled Government Thu, 23 Feb 2017 04:16:58 +0000 Continue reading "Personal Opinion, God Ruled or Man Ruled Government"]]> Most recently our country has endured an amazing election with a fascinating candidate who surprised most people and won the job of President of The United States.

With his election comes a lot of turmoil and divide in our country about what he will do and his ability to govern our country and by extension the free world.

While it is not my intent to get bogged down with the political war that is currently happening in our country as a result of Donald Trump winning the presidency, I do want to cite by personal OPINION and perhaps show contrasts between the best efforts of a man ruled government versus a God ruled government

You can decide for yourself which you would prefer and which has the potential to be the most effective at accomplishing the lofty goals we aspire to see the world achieve.

I hope the president does a great job and asks for God’s wisdom to lead. Having read the Bible I also think people are forgetting that the president is not going to be the one to solve our problems, in my opinion only Jesus Christ can restore creation and have a righteous government that helps ALL people.

I don’t put faith in the ability of man, but in the only one who truly has ALL of us in mind. Someone who has wisdom to govern and almighty power to back it up.

Consider climate change for example. Which would you prefer, A man who signs papers to regulate the climate or an actual God who can literally change the climate on a moment’s notice.

Food supply, men who sit around a table and try to come up with a distribution network or God who can produce abundant crops world wide?

Crime and gun violence, our ideas of more guns in the hands of sinful humans or Gods idea of beating swords into plowshares?

The peace, safety and security of our country and globally will only come about under the government of Jesus Christ.

Now I know some don’t believe that, and you are entitled to your opinion. However looking back over the thousands of years of our existence it seems to me that man’s ideas have been ineffective, and yet we continue to put our faith in the same.

We have to return to God on his terms instead of ours. The fact is God’s principles do not change and he will not bless sin. If we strongly believe we are a Christian nation then the formula for change that we all want, God has clearly told us how to achieve it.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Here are a few reasons for having Jesus Christ as leader of the free world. He has a good understanding of healthcare, he has a track record for healing people and raising the dead. Of course the pharmacy companies would be very upset with him for healing people, in that they would not need drugs, and put them totally out of business.

His economic and tax plan has been unchanged for the last several thousand years which is simply 10%. And no other brackets.  I firmly believe that if every man and woman who works contributed 10 percent then all government responsible needs would be met.

He has the ability and power to deal with crime and terrorism that is far better than our current justice system. He has a track record in this area. Ask Goliath, Pharoah, two teenagers who taunted a preacher, Cities of Jericho, or the Assyrian Army.

He has the ability to change world hunger, his track record includes feeding multitudes of people with very few ingredients, only a fish and few loaves of bread.  He has literally changed water to wine!

He has dealt with money laundering and corruption, just ask Ananias and his wife!

He has a same-sex marriage, homosexual policy in place, that has not changed over the years.  May I reference for you Sodom and Gomorrah?

He has a very good understanding of global warming and climate change with the ability to actually change it. His track record includes stopping the earth rotation for a full day to accomplish his purposes. Raining down hailstones, major earthquakes with one that is yet to come that will literally split Jerusalem in half. He has brought darkness upon the entire globe in one day, he has also saturated the entire globe with water for 40 days in the worldwide flood, and caused it to subside.

There are countless other things he has accomplished and even more yet to accomplish. However the bottom line for me is that he is someone who has wisdom, understanding, love, justice, power and is is more than qualified to lead this country, and indeed the entire world.

Sadly there are some in our country who would rather have what we have right now instead of anything better or different.  There are some  who cling to a document called the Constitution which most certainly has a rightful purpose, but may not be the best ideal for the changing world we live in, especially if our goals are to aspire to something far greater than we though was humanly possible.  Because the truth of the matter is, under our own strength and wisdom we shall fail miserably.

“But with God, all things are possible!”

Personal Opinion On The Death Penalty Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:56:44 +0000 Continue reading "Personal Opinion On The Death Penalty"]]> There has been a lot of discussion over the last year regarding the death penalty. Several states have halted executions for various reasons, including their unwillingness to carry out what some would suggest as a barbaric practice. Others still have had difficulties with the actual implementation while using the various drugs that are used in the procedure.

On social media there is a growing firestorm around the debate of whether the death penalty should be used in an evermore increasing manner to serve as a deterrent to future horrendous crimes of murder, rape, ect.

Many have called for public executions as a way to shock the masses and thereby associate the deterrent that witnessing an execution should or would bring.

The following is my personal take on the matter:

If the death penalty could prevent murder, all murder would end.

Trust me, on the day a man is executed, hundreds of other murders will be committed.

While I am fully aware of the various calls of harsh punishment for evil doers as stated in the Old Testament, such as “eye for and eye”, I am also equally aware of the call for mercy in the New Testiment, “but I say to you to love your enemies,”. Furthermore I have read where God still has the sovereign authority of vengeance and life and death. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay.”

I find it interesting that man’s attempt at vengeance falls pitifully short of the desired effect that the human mind can conjure up.

Vengeance is temporary, the judgement of God is eternal.

When will humans learn that the death penalty does not prevent the next person from being killed. An execution daily or the same hour somebody somewhere will be killing someone. Furthermore, as with some of our fellow humans from Muslim countries, death is not the most feared thing in the world. And being executed is a welcomed entry to martydom instead of a dreaded deterrent.
Look at the mass shootings in this country or family murders where the gunman kills himself. Do you think the death penalty is effective in preventing those who are willing to die to carry out their crime?
The death penalty is ALWAYS applied after the fact. It does not prevent the person who was murdered from being murdered. And sadly in our country there are those who will justify executing an innocent person or persons to eventually get the guilty. We absolutely know that there have been at least two innocent executions, not to mention the people who have been totally exonerated from death row and prison.
Of course those who advocate a swift kill would just gloss right over the fact that sometimes the justice system gets it wrong by mistake or by willful neglect, such as lying witnesses, dirty cops or prosecutors, and a local political system that will not admit some foul play that would expose a corrupt official.

That is not the case for most, and most people on death row have gotten a fair trial and their guilt is not in doubt, but do we really want to live with the known death of an innocent person just to say we got the right one, maybe months or years later?
Hey, we can always turn the key and let someone out of prison if the findings justify it, but so far no one has self resurrected other than Jesus Christ. Since we cannot give the life of a person back, in my opinion we should not take it. That principle alone elevates the life of the victim as sacred, so sacred that no other human should dare repeat the act of killing in the name of the victim.
And the death penalty is not even close the type of revenge that most people advocate for. I mean think about it, the most we can do is kill a person, very much like putting a person to sleep. That is not vengeance. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord God.” Trust me the wrath that God can unleash on a person pales in comparison to the puny death penalty we impose on people. Our little minds cannot dream up or imagine the horrors that an almight God can inflict on a person.
You are kidding yourself if you think capital punishment is going to stop me from killing someone if I decide that is what I want to do with my free will. I can choose to kill someone and know and be willing to get the death penalty.
How can you defend against a person who does not mind dying? Have you noticed that some folks are going on mass killing sprees and choose to take themselves out after the aftermath. They execute themselves, so how will the death penalty stop a situation like that?
Furthermore, aren’t we all on Death Row? Think about it. All of us who are alive today are sentenced to death. So regardless if we have killed someone or just told a white lie, we still have a death sentence waiting for us. That means we get the same penalty as the serial murderer, so I think we are all on death row and waiting our execution from God.
The baby infant being born this moment will be dead in less than 120 years so what difference does it make to kill another human being? It is stupid when all you have to do is wait it out and his death and our death is guaranteed.
“The soul that sinneth shall die.” That was spoken by God himself and he has a flawless record to date. Currently there is a 100 percent fatality rate for the human race. Nobody gets off of the planet alive.

The victim’s family wants their loved one back alive, that is their justice! Killing the perpetrator does not give them that.
And just how ironic would it be that the condemned man on death row outlives some of those who put him there, like the prosecutor, judge, or family members of the victim.
Now I could see the death penalty as being a harsher punishment if we were not also subject to death. The method of death does not really matter if we all come to the same fate. The preacher, the janitor, the CEO, the prosititute, the blacks, the whites, and others, come to the same fate of death. So while the murderer will perhaps die first, those who follow cannot claim to be so good that they are exempt from the same fate.

Hey, I would totally agree with you if the human race was not subject to death. But as it stands now. God wins, so let him execute and deal out wrath as he sees fit. If we were perfect and HOLY, then yes by all means let us decide life and death. But since we also have a death date, I think it is pointless to kill, just to prove that killing is wrong. This is my respectful opinion and I equally respect yours as well.



God Will Do What We Cannot Tue, 10 Jan 2017 03:23:59 +0000 Continue reading "God Will Do What We Cannot"]]> This is really just a simple prayer and reminder that even though we live in a world that is very chaotic and the fabric of society is unraveling right before our eyes, fear not, take hope for God will succeed where we have failed.

In the new kingdom that Jesus Christ will establish and govern, the very things we have tried to accomplish for the world will get done. All of our feeble attempts will seem foolish in light of the wisdom that he will bring to planet earth.

Our current attempts to feed the hungry, help the poor, abolish crime, and stop war will give way to the policies and governing of the master of the universe. The one who has used his wisdom to bring our planet into existence with perfect harmony and has all power at his disposal to carry out his plans for the new kingdom, which will include a new heaven and new earth.

With all of mankinds great achievements and inventions, I think we sometimes forget that we are indeed only human and have limited intellect, wisdom and power. The complexities of the problems that our planet and culture faces are beyond our capacity to solve in a meaningful and lasting way.

Is it unreasonable to seek help and advice from someone who has better answers than we do? Surely we go to specialists to get advice on a specific problem or to have the specialist perform a task on our behalf, such as a dentist.

Would you believe that Jesus Christ is indeed a specialist at the many problems our world faces today? Not only is he a specialist, but he has a track record for demonstrating wisdom and power to perform to get world changing results.

The Bible has numerous examples of complex problems not unlike our own. I would encourage you to read the fascinating stories of the people of that era. Quickly you will see that the things we face today were also experienced in almost the same fashion then.

The wisdom of God reaches down through the ages and touches every generation. It will continue to do so until it is abundant and thriving with power in the new kingdom to come. It will be on display and mankind will gladly acknowledge and accept that the ideas and solutions that his government will have, is the only thing that will be effective and bring about the real change that this planet has been seeking for generations.

There is more good news to come, and I promise you the best days of a world with no war, crime, poverty and the abundance of peace, will be established with the solutions from the the mind of God himself. I can assure you my friend, that he cannot and will not fail.  Isn’t that cool?

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