Personal Opinion, God Ruled or Man Ruled Government

Most recently our country has endured an amazing election with a fascinating candidate who surprised most people and won the job of President of The United States.

With his election comes a lot of turmoil and divide in our country about what he will do and his ability to govern our country and by extension the free world.

While it is not my intent to get bogged down with the political war that is currently happening in our country as a result of Donald Trump winning the presidency, I do want to cite by personal OPINION and perhaps show contrasts between the best efforts of a man ruled government versus a God ruled government

You can decide for yourself which you would prefer and which has the potential to be the most effective at accomplishing the lofty goals we aspire to see the world achieve.

I hope the president does a great job and asks for God’s wisdom to lead. Having read the Bible I also think people are forgetting that the president is not going to be the one to solve our problems, in my opinion only Jesus Christ can restore creation and have a righteous government that helps ALL people.

I don’t put faith in the ability of man, but in the only one who truly has ALL of us in mind. Someone who has wisdom to govern and almighty power to back it up.

Consider climate change for example. Which would you prefer, A man who signs papers to regulate the climate or an actual God who can literally change the climate on a moment’s notice.

Food supply, men who sit around a table and try to come up with a distribution network or God who can produce abundant crops world wide?

Crime and gun violence, our ideas of more guns in the hands of sinful humans or Gods idea of beating swords into plowshares?

The peace, safety and security of our country and globally will only come about under the government of Jesus Christ.

Now I know some don’t believe that, and you are entitled to your opinion. However looking back over the thousands of years of our existence it seems to me that man’s ideas have been ineffective, and yet we continue to put our faith in the same.

We have to return to God on his terms instead of ours. The fact is God’s principles do not change and he will not bless sin. If we strongly believe we are a Christian nation then the formula for change that we all want, God has clearly told us how to achieve it.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Here are a few reasons for having Jesus Christ as leader of the free world. He has a good understanding of healthcare, he has a track record for healing people and raising the dead. Of course the pharmacy companies would be very upset with him for healing people, in that they would not need drugs, and put them totally out of business.

His economic and tax plan has been unchanged for the last several thousand years which is simply 10%. And no other brackets.  I firmly believe that if every man and woman who works contributed 10 percent then all government responsible needs would be met.

He has the ability and power to deal with crime and terrorism that is far better than our current justice system. He has a track record in this area. Ask Goliath, Pharoah, two teenagers who taunted a preacher, Cities of Jericho, or the Assyrian Army.

He has the ability to change world hunger, his track record includes feeding multitudes of people with very few ingredients, only a fish and few loaves of bread.  He has literally changed water to wine!

He has dealt with money laundering and corruption, just ask Ananias and his wife!

He has a same-sex marriage, homosexual policy in place, that has not changed over the years.  May I reference for you Sodom and Gomorrah?

He has a very good understanding of global warming and climate change with the ability to actually change it. His track record includes stopping the earth rotation for a full day to accomplish his purposes. Raining down hailstones, major earthquakes with one that is yet to come that will literally split Jerusalem in half. He has brought darkness upon the entire globe in one day, he has also saturated the entire globe with water for 40 days in the worldwide flood, and caused it to subside.

There are countless other things he has accomplished and even more yet to accomplish. However the bottom line for me is that he is someone who has wisdom, understanding, love, justice, power and is is more than qualified to lead this country, and indeed the entire world.

Sadly there are some in our country who would rather have what we have right now instead of anything better or different.  There are some  who cling to a document called the Constitution which most certainly has a rightful purpose, but may not be the best ideal for the changing world we live in, especially if our goals are to aspire to something far greater than we though was humanly possible.  Because the truth of the matter is, under our own strength and wisdom we shall fail miserably.

“But with God, all things are possible!”